This is a new series of artworks united with common name 'Strata' - an attempt to show phenomenon of absolute geological time through stratigraphic truncations. Geochronology as the event operates with huge time massifs, where accumulation of respective strata - depths - took place: era, period, epoch, century, time. Each change in the organic world of our planet is a new creative act; twenty-seven faunae have passed on the Earth. Palaeontologic formations on mother eruptive rock allow us to trace the sequence in development of organic life on our Planet. And emergence of homo sapiens who can produce something not found in the nature - chemical compounds, pure metals which later, after a cycle of their technical application, shall be returned to the environment - makes a man a new participant in geological processes.

Cretaceous stratum condenses a tremendous period of time - some 70 million years. Masses of sea ammonites and belemnites - which were a base for formation of pure carbonaceous sediment that is a common chalk - form a matrix for further influence of anthropogenic medium now.

Organic microscopic reliquiae of the ancient times - petrified sea shells, corals, osselets, leaves constituting palaeontologic material - are supplemented with something else: with artistic creation. This is a result of creative rework and overall creative power of modern artists. Levkas style is a special sacral painting method, originated as far as in the times of icon painting. A chalk layer used as a base, very sensitive and amazing, remains a malleable thing in master hands.

So Mesozoic creative inceptions co-exists nearby and simultaneously with realia of modern era - dense and complicated technogenic background. Intellectual-spiritual field of a modern artist is one more impression on soft, white and sensitive condensate of the Crustaceous period.

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