An object of Zhuravel means groups of suspended planes where a relief image of a sphere on an axis (the basic totemic sign of Mykola Zhuravel) dominates. Exposition encompasses a part of the hill, building up the direction in the form of broken vectors to the principal dominant of the static bas-relief plates. Colour is of great importance here: white, flat, humanoid, contrasting with live blocks-groups of grovy downhills and relics of the banks of an ancient settlement. This object is something 'outside everything' - Sanskrit 'vanam' - a base of cast back self-consciousness and something that begins, some threat bearing new possibilities of irrational veneration. This is the vast of land, temporarily given to a sign of presence of artistic mind, touching by its momentarily openness and white-colour purity.

'Sphere Conservation' Project allows also to implement practically physical conservation of objects as if baring utilitary-kinchen-sink bottom of each conceptual effort. Following common kitchen-sink trend in a grotesque manner, the project in this role extends traditional or even conservative collective Ukrainian idea, focused on piling-up. Nevertheless, in artistic practice of Zhuravel it is expressed in that the grass tufts, plaster casts and the like are placed into commonly used glass fruit jars and closed with lids. Under ritual silence, the jars start to sail from Psel River to Dnieper and further, to Asian coasts of Turkey, thus demarcating geographic water area of Ukraine.

Objects in the Environment. 1997.
Spherography No.1. 1998.
Lend Art 1998. 'Graphics on Sand'
Series of Photography 2001. 'The Creation'
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