Photo of the Altar in the cells-caves, situated in 2 kilometers out of the Monastery's border Igor Polamarchuk

The Creative action in Svyatogorsk reserve was organised by gallery "City N", curator of the project: N.Andreeva.

List of the artists who took part in the Creative action in Svyatogorsk Monastery:

1. Boris Shmatok
2. Valeriy Shkarupa
3. Vyacheslav Sherishevskiy
4. Sergey Guy
5. Mykola Zhuravel
6. Alexander Levich
7. Igor Prokof'yev
8. Temo Svireli
9. Andrey Bludov
10. Igor Polamarchuk

General view of the Svyatogorsk Monastery against a background of Severskiy Donets river
Group photo of the artists who took part in the creative action in Svyatogorsk Monastery Photo together with Zaparojskiy Cossaks and a monk from Svyatogorsk Monastery
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