The project is intended to express by the means of contemporary fine art the idea of sofity, i.e. the wisdom of the existence imprints, formulated by philosopher Serhiy Krymsky. The aim of the project is tohighlight the special in the common, the eternal in the ephemeral, to unveil things not only as part of life process but also as the signs of communication, existence in its allegoric expressiveness.

Ideas: Volodimir Gorbatenko and Petro Bevza.

Artists participating in the project:

Petro Bevza, Mykola Zhuravel, Olexiy Lytvynenko, Mykola Malyshko, Andriy Gurenko, Nina Denysova, Oksana Malyshko.

The book 'Serhiy Krymsky. Sopine Symbols of Existence' is printed due to the financial support of Oriflame-Ukraine.

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